Regulator Approval Title Certificate Number Expiry Date Document
Aruba Department of Civil Aviation Part 145 Repair Station DL-ACC-058 01/10/2017
Bermuda Department of Civil Aviation Bermuda Department of Civil Aviation Part 145 Aircraft Maintenance Organisation BDA-AMO-121 17/09/2017
Bermuda Department of Civil Aviation Continued Airworthiness Management BDA/CAMO/067 25/05/2018
BSI EN9100:2009 (AS9100C, JISQ 9100:2009) ISO 9001:2008 FS 34527-1 13/08/2018
BSI EN 9110:2015 (AS9110B) ISO 9001:2008 FS 34527-2 13/08/2018
CAA EASA 145 Maintenance Organisation UK.145.01118
CAA EASA Part M Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation UK.MG.0526
Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands Approved Maintenance Organisation 004-CAY-AMO-2010 03/04/2017
EASA EASA 147 Training Organisation Cert UK 147 0088
EASA Design Organisation Approved Part 21, Section A, Subpart J EASA.21J.063
Egyptian CAA Egyptian Part 145 Repair Station ECAA/AW/AE/E0141/RO 02/08/2016
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) USA FAR Part 145 Repair Station BS5Y764M 31/10/2017
Indian DGCA CAR 145 Approved Maintenance Organisation 5-2387/2015/AI(2) 31/12/2019
Military Aviation Authority Approval Certificate Part 145 Maintenance MAOS 145.1101
Military Aviation Authority Design Approval Certificate for Military Aircraft and Airborne Equipment UK.MAA.DAOS.214 02/02/2017
Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority Approved Maintenance Organisation Certificate AMO/GB/MAS 09/01/2017
Republic of Lebanon Directorate General of Civil Aviation Foreign Maintenance Organization Approval LCAA/LEB/IA/MAS/22 26/08/2016
Saudi Arabia General Authority of Civil Aviation Approved Repair Station Cert AMO 111F 10/02/2018
South African Civil Aviation Authority Aircraft Maintenance Organisation Approval Certificate AMO 1169 30/04/2017
Turkish Directorate General of Civil Aviation Turkish DGCA SHY-145 Approved Maintenance Organization TR.145.F.0017
Turkmenhowayollary State Civil Aviation Department Named After Saparmurat Turkmenbashi The Great Certificate of Maintenance and Repair Organisation 037/MRO 27/02/2017
UAE General Civil Aviation Authority UAE CAR 145 Maintenance Organization UAE.145.1164 01/06/2017